Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Piglett & Owls pedicure

Just came across a clip on youtube of two lovely ladies at the Walesby Scout Jamboree. It's soooo... funny. See what you think.


Saturday, 15 September 2007

Tour de UK

Well done to all those involved in the Tour of Britain cycle ride when it came through Bawtry and areas around North Notts. A great sight to see even if they did pass by in a matter of seconds. Was my horse as fast as their bikes?


Friday, 31 August 2007

My Robin Hood Festival

Did enjoy my festival once again, all the build up and it seems to be over in a blink. Roll on next years - when is it?


Scouting Jamboree

Rode through Walesby the week of the Scouting Jamboree. Couldn't believe my eyes, the size of the encampment with 3,000 Scouts and Guides in all sorts of tents and marquees old and new. One tent looked so ancient I thought it was Friar Tucks, but he still had his when I returned to our camp, which was not far away. Enjoyed the main evening bash but sadly only one camp fire!!


Robin Hood Airport II

I'm back from my holidays, just in time methinks to help poor travellers in Nottinghamshire in distress. Took the bus from the airport down to Retfords new bus station - great trip, my name emblazoned all over the new bus. Apparantly the contract is signed for 3-years. Lifes wonderful!!


Robin Hood Airport

Used my airport in Nottinghamshire to go on my holidays earlier this month. No queues, no long walks to airplane, park outside the terminal - just as good as last year. Even better is the new statue of me, very impressive even though its not a bit like me - but then how would they know - there's no real pictures of me from the old days.